The new traffic signal at the intersection of West Washington and St. Felix streets was activated at 9 a.m. Tuesday, according to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Initially, the traffic signal will function as a flashing red light at the three-way intersection. All traffic approaching the Washington-St. Felix intersection will be required to treat the flashing red lights as an all-way stop sign.

Flashing red lights will continue until Thursday, when TxDOT plans to fully activate the new traffic signal and crosswalk. 

Law enforcement officers will assist pedestrians crossing Washington Street at the new crosswalk until the traffic signal is fully functional.

The $125,000 project is similar to traffic control devices installed at the Washington-Lillian intersection last year. TxDOT again has deployed Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) at the new West Washington-St. Felix intersection. APS is a device that communicates information about pedestrian signal timing in non-visual format such as audible tones or verbal messages that aid the visually impaired when using the crosswalk.

The signal at the St. Felix intersection includes a signal detection system, which will be synced with both the Lillian and Harbin intersections’ traffic signals, however, actuated signals have been installed at the crosswalk allowing pedestrians to use a pushbutton detection system to activate the safe crossing signage.

Primarily designed to provide safe passage for pedestrians crossing Washington Street to Tarleton’s campus and its athletic and Horticulture Center facilities, as well as Parking Lots P25 and P34 North and P34 South located south of the roadway.