Leissa Jones is an avid artist and costume designer who has her whole future planned out.

As a Stephenville High School senior, Jones has been a part of the National Art Honor Society for three years enjoying the way she can spread her passion for the arts.

“I’m really passionate about art and this gives us an opportunity to show off our skills while helping people out,” she said. “The majority of art that I do for the National Art Honor Society goes to my church because I do a lot of community work with them and help out with VBS and paint so the kids can watch.”

Her goal this last year in high school is to stay focused, but not let herself become overwhelmed.

“My overall goal is to complete my senior year and not stress out too much, but also make sure everything is done and ready for when I go out into the world,” she said.

After she graduates Jones will attend Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches to obtain her bachelor's degree in theatrical design, majoring in costume design and film.

“When I was interviewed by the people from SFA they said that I was almost custom-built for their program because of my portfolio and how much I’ve been a part of theatrical design competitions and art competitions,” she said. “I’m really excited for it because I went to visit the college a couple weeks back and I loved all the big tall trees and the building are very artistic.”

Jones said she has always been inspired by actors and wants to one day become a costume designer for television shows or movies.

“A lot of actors end up being my inspiration and people are always like, ‘That’s cheesy, actors are celebrities and you’re never going to meet them so how are they your inspiration?’ And I say because the way they act can be an inspiration,” she said.

Jones’ also takes a lot of inspiration from her favorite costume designer Colleen Atwood who has won several awards, including three oscars for Alice in Wonderland, Memoirs of a Geisha and Chicago.

Her favorite actors include Robert Downy Jr. and Jensen Ackles, who is a native of Texas.

“Other more close to home inspirations would be my mom and dad. They’re both kind of involved in theatre - my mom did lights when she was younger and my dad was on several theatre shows and helped out with costumes and he taught me how to sew,” Jones said. “So part of my career path is coming from my parents who have taught me so much and have done so much for me.”