On a busy workday it can be hard to find time for lunch, but thanks to the organization Pets Are Worth Saving (P.A.W.S.), you can have your lunch delivered right to your building while helping a great cause.

Lori Lesley and Suzanne Meyers started the P.A.W.S. Doggy Bag Lunch Specials in May and since then it has caught on.

“I think we ended up doing about 215 lunches for the first one and the most we’ve done was 275 one day over the summer,” Lesley said. “Everybody seems to be getting on board because they enjoy the food, it’s kind of a nice community service, and there’s such a need for it.”

On Tuesday alone the program raised more than $1,600 in lunch sales for the non-profit organization.

“We appreciate and thank each one of you for supporting us,” the P.A.W.S. Facebook page states. “P.A.W.S. is do dear to our hearts and although sometimes the road is tough we hang in there because it is all about the animals and our community.”

Lesley said they are trying to hold one more this year - possibly for the month of November - and then in 2017 do it every other month.

“I wish we could do every month, but I think we’re going to probably try to do one more this year and then every other month, so six months, next year,” Lesley said. “We started with just a few volunteers and now I have three retired teachers, several young moms who have kids in preschool and 10 to 12 others who are volunteering.”

Menus are sent out and for only $8 folks can get a homemade entree with sides and a dessert and all the proceeds benefit the P.A.W.S. organization helping dogs with needs they may have.

“(Tuesday) we did enchiladas and Spanish rice, chips and salsa and then Marion Cole made 200 of her homemade pralines and donated them,” Lesley said.

And you will definitely know when your lunch has arrived if you catch a glimpse of an adorable white bag sporting black paw prints all over and a tag that reads, ‘Doggy Bag.’ 

For more information about the Doggy Bag Lunch Special program or to see what the organization is up to visit their Facebook page, Pets Are Worth Saving, Inc - PAWS