Earlier this year, Ranger College, Stephenville ISD, the Stephenville Economic Development Authority and Workforce Solutions of North Central Texas made a combined request for equipment funding from the Texas Workforce Commission Dual Credit and Technical Education Grant.

Dixon Bailey, vice president of Workforce Development at Ranger, said they have received the grant in the amount of $194,071, which is for equipment in the school’s welding program.

“We received that dual credit grant just last week. I think it’s great how grants support the development of both machining and welding,” Bailey said.

Dual credit means that high school students can take the training and receive credit at their home high schools such as Dublin and Stephenville, as well as receive credit at Ranger.

“The primary purchase with this grant is the LiveArc training system, which provides a virtual training feature,” Bailey explained. “This training system gives students a superior training experience, delivering immediate, objective feedback in both simulations and live arc welding.”

Other features of the LiveArc system:

• Gets students welding faster

• Saves money on supplies

• Helps instructors deliver more effective and efficient lessons

• Assignments are quickly configured and customized with target values and limits for work angle, travel angle, travel speed, contact-tip-to-work distance and aim

• Data is captured so student performance can be stored, retrieved and reviewed at any time to monitor ongoing development.

“The LiveArc system is $39,158 per unit; however, the system saves an estimated 20 percent per student on material and consumable costs, which makes these units perfect for poorly funded rural ISD’s,” Bailey said.

“Accompanying the LiveArc system will be five multi-process welders, and five MIG welders. Students will utilize the LiveArc system to learn the fundamentals of new and existing processes, then progress to the these industry standard machines to gain real-world experience the actual devices used in industry,” he said. “These units are quoted at an industry standard rate of $6,371, and $6,875 per machine.“

Bailey asked that the E-T inform readers that applications for both the welding and machining programs are being accepted now. Ranger encourages prospective students to apply as soon as possible so that eligibility for various forms of student financial aid can be determined.