Calvin Jones is the Stephenville High School Yellow Jacket Band’s junior drum major. He also plays the bass trombone in the Jazz Band and is gearing up for what he hopes is a successful competition year.

“I would like to do better at region and all state and with jazz try to go far at region and maybe make state in that,” he said. “In solo and ensemble I would like to go far because I’ve gone two years now and I’d like to at least make it to state this year.”

Jones began playing the trombone in sixth grade after the band director and his mother nudged him in that direction.

“The band director there said, ‘You look like you’d be really good at the tuba, trombone or baritone,’” Jones said. “And then my mom told me the tuba was too big, that I wasn’t going to be able to carry that back and forth.”

Though he still plays the bass trombone, Jones has more responsibility now as a drum major.

“It’s a bit challenging, it’s just different than what I’m use to because I’m use to marching but I really like it,” he said. “You’re there to just help people march and conduct, so it’s just different.”

When asked if he has any ideas of what he would like to do after high school, Jones replied with a laugh, “Not really. I haven’t thought that far ahead.”

Jones draws inspiration from his peers and the band directors.

“The band really affects me because I hang out with these people all of the time and they’re all great,” he said.