The Stephenville Parks and Recreation Department has a new director, Hawk Scott, who will assume the position Oct. 3.

Scott will replace Brenda Haggard who left the position in September after approximately 25 years on the job.

Scott has extensive knowledge of water parks, having been an operations manager and designer for Schlitterbahn Water Parks and Resorts.

“When the Corpus Christi project was completed in July, I decided I wanted to get back into parks and recreation, so I’m really excited about this new job with the city of Stephenville,” Scott said.

Scott hails from El Paso and is a 2007 graduate in kineseology from the University of Texas at Brownsville where he was later parks and recreation manager.

“I’m not a desk guy,” he said. “I want to be out in the community with my co-workers. And that’s how I see them – I may have the final say on certain things, but I want people in the department to feel that I’m one of them. The interaction is the main thing. I want people to be comfortable in their work and with me as their supervisor.

“I think life is meant to be fun so I joke around a lot. And for me, nothing’s set in stone. If one of my co-workers thinks there’s a better way to do something, I want to hear about it. I’m always open to suggestions and change if it means improving things. I expect to hit the ground running and from what I’ve heard from Jeremy Allen, there’s already a great staff in place at SPARD.”

Scott said Stephenville seems like a perfect fit.

“Stephenville is obviously a big sports town with all the high school, college and rodeo athletes; that really feels comfortable to me, because I’m an athlete myself,” he said.

That’s evident by the fact that Scott − who is a self-described rabid LA Dodgers baseball fan and is “36 going on 21” – is still an active softball player and plans to continue that for many years.

“As long as I can run around the bases, I’m going to run around the bases,” he said.