Since the disbandment of the Oakdale Volunteer Fire Department, changes to the fire district map were made by area volunteer fire departments and approved by Erath County commissioners.

“I invited all of the fire chiefs to look over the map at the same time to see if anybody had any wants or needs,” Chris Brooks, Erath County Volunteer Fire Rescue coordinator, said. “We didn’t take anything away from anybody, we simply added resources to certain areas. We pulled territorial lines over each other.”

This will allow for more fire and EMS personnel to be available in areas of the county, including the area between Stephenville and Dublin.

“(Dublin’s) district comes down to Erath Iron and Metal and there you’ll get our EMS, but only Dublin fire,” Brooks said. “So we changed that and added (Erath fire) all the way to the Catholic church. So Dublin will still respond, and Harbin, we just added us to that.”

The changes will also help for towns such as Carlton that lies close to county lines surrounded by Stephenville, Dublin and Hico.

“That’s the tip of the county down there off FM 914 and that area is just Erath and Carlton right now, which makes no sense because Dublin is a little closer and you even go through Selden and Harbin to get over there,” Brooks said. “So we’re pulling Dublin in and then stretched Hico out a little further. It’s just to get a little better coverage in some of the less populated areas.”

With the approval of the Erath County commissioners, the map will be taken to the Central Appraisal District and officially printed.