Despite a slow start in the win column for the Dublin Lions, head coach Bob Cervetto and his team aren't panicking. 

Coming off a 68-26 loss to a top-10 ranked Teague team, Dublin has found some positives from their performance. 

"I think the ball game was good for us, at one time it's 27-13 and we're playing a top-10 team in the state of Texas," said Cervetto. "That was big for our kids to play someone like that. Last year in the second round we played Corrigan-Camden and they were a team with a lot of speed and we hadn't seen that before. That's why we wanted to play Teague so that we could face off against a team with that kind of speed and learn what it is that we have to do to contain it." 

The Lions' focus has shifted to Breckenridge who is a bit different than all of the other opponents Dublin has faced this season. The Buckaroos, like every other team on Dublin's schedule are a good team, but they'll enter Friday night also 0-3 searching for their first win. 

"Breckenridge is an extremely talented football team. They like to run the ball and we're going to see their quarterback and running back with the ball a lot," Cervetto said. "They will also throw the ball, but they don't live or die by it. We have to be able to stop them. They like to dominate with their offense which is kind of like a wing-t, but double like Navy. They like to control the ball and the clock." 

Facing a team that runs an offense like Breckenridge is another reason why the Teague game will help the Lions. Last week, Dublin was overwhelmed by the Teague rushing attack, but now seeing a dominant one first hand will play into Dublin's favor Friday. 

"I think playing Teague helped us, definitely," Cervetto said. "It's a more disciplined type defense that we have to run than usual. We have to be sure that every man is accounted for. If they aren't then it's going to be a touchdown." 

With district moving forward, Dublin's record isn't what Cervetto is fretting about. Still winless, the Lions are more worried about getting better and if they continue to do so then the wins will come. 

"We're 0-3 and you have to understand that we haven't even moved in the rankings. We're higher than some teams that are 2-1 or 3-0," Cervetto said. "We're in the toughest Division 3A district in the state of the Texas and if we expect to have a chance to get to the playoffs then we have to play good teams. The kids understand that and know what the goal is. They know we could have scheduled differently and been 3-0, but they also know that instead we're getting much better every week and doing it this way is really helping ourselves."

Breckenridge and Dublin are scheduled to play on Friday night with kickoff scheduled for 7:30 p.m.