Western Dairy Transport serves the bulk food-grade transportation industry consisting of dairy farmers, dairy processors and food processors in 48 states plus Mexico and Canada.

In addition, the firm serves the dry van soft drink and food processing industry − but that’s not all.

They also own and operate Western Dairy Transport Driver Training Academy in Abernathy that trains truck drivers.

At Monday’s Dublin City Council meeting, company president Dave Shelton addressed the council with an idea he and City Manager Nancy Wooldridge have been kicking around: Bringing a WDT Driver Training Academy to the Dublin Airport.

“Having a location here, we get a lot from the city of Dublin and the people in the area. We just decided we’d like to give something more back and this would be a good way to do it,” Shelton said. “It would also employ people in the tri-county area who already live here − and having good local jobs will help keep them here.”

Western Dairy Transport Driver Training Academy offers entry level training for those with a Class A CDL permit or Class A CDL with little to no experience.

“We not only provide the training, Western Dairy Transport we'll pay the truck driving student every step of the way and upon completion of training offer them a full-time position with the company,” Shelton said.

He added that more than 1,000 drivers, owner-operators and contract fleet owners work every day at Western Dairy Transport to support operations.

“There are over 100 locally-produced loads of raw milk each day and WDT has 50 open local operator positions available right now in our Central Texas operation," he said. “We’re not asking you to decide tonight. We just wanted to come and meet with you, let you see what we have in mind, and how Dublin can benefit from this.”

Mayor David Leatherwood, addressed Shelton, saying, “We want to keep working with you to see what we can work out and we look forward to hearing more in the future.”

No decision was made at the meeting, but there were plenty of positive comments made by city council members after Shelton’s presentation.