A family dispute over land led authorities to discover a large marijuana grow operation on the northern side of the county. 

Chief Deputy Jason Upshaw with the Erath County Sheriff’s Office said the department received a tip from a man claiming that marijuana was being grown on his grandmother’s land.

When deputies arrived they found more than 30 marijuana plants on the property, which is owned by Gladis Parr.

Authorities said Parr was not growing the marijuana and does not face any criminal charges. 

The same, however, can’t be said for a relative who was also living on the 100-acre property and who was reportedly involved in a dispute with Parr over land rights.

“The suspect was living in a mobile home on the property and admitted to growing it,” said Deputy Wesley Mabe. 

The sheriff’s department will not release the name of the suspect until a warrant is issued for his arrest.

Approximately 30 marijuana plants were seized and are in the process of being dried and weighed.