Dublin Police Chief Michael Jennings addressed the city council on Monday night and was granted permission to proceed with the purchase of a drug dog and send officer Tim Hastings to handler training later this month.

That’s good news for the city of Dublin, but it gets even better as Jennings explains: “What’s so great about it other than the obvious advantages in terms of law enforcement is that it’s not going to cost the city of Dublin a dime.”

So how’s that possible? Through a cooperative effort by the police department, a grant by the National Police Chiefs Association, and the contribution of the Dublin ISD.

“This is an expensive effort; it will cost about $15,000, but it’s all covered by the grant we secured and the help of DISD,” Jennings said.

Starting Sept. 25, Hastings will be in Longford, KS for two weeks of training at K-9 Working Dog International with his new partner, Cindy, a 21-month-old German Shepherd.

“We’ll be going back for another week and certification in November," Hastings said. “After that, Cindy will live with me like any other dog.”