Though this is Deb Mendoza’s last year at Stephenville High School, she is gearing up for a successful year as the Yellow Jacket Band’s color guard captain.

“It’s going pretty well so far, but it’s very bittersweet,” she said. “I love marching band and I love color guard, they’re like family to me. I’m super excited to get to finish this year out with this group, but then at the same time I’m super sad because I’m going to miss them.”

Over the summer Mendoza attended two camps where she helped out the new members of color guard while learning more about being a captain.

“During our June camp we worked with the new people and everybody is doing amazing,” she said. “In the July camp we learned our first movement and everybody got that pretty well." 

Their routine is called Nevermore and is broken into three movements about Edgar Allan Poe.

“The first movement is about meeting the author, Poe, and then the second movement is about Annabel Lee with a little duet going on and then the third movement is just when he goes crazy,” Mendoza said with a laugh.

Mendoza’s goal this year is all about getting her team to the next level, the state level.

“Hopefully we make it to state. Two years ago we made it to area finals - we have a chance at state every other year, not every year - so this year is a state year,” she said. “It’s the first week of November, so that would be super awesome if we made it.”

As far as her plans after high school, Mendoza plans to stay in Stephenville and attend Tarleton State University where she will major in either interdisciplinary studies or elementary education to eventually teach pre-k or kindergarten.

“I love kids. They’re super fun, hilarious and they’re very curious,” she said. “I’m considering becoming a bilingual teacher because I was in bilingual classes in pre-k, kindergarten and first grade and so I just kind of want to return that favor for those teachers.”