TektOn in Hico was started by owner Mike James in 2001 and is a restoration and new construction business that according to James, “Caters toward the restoration of old historic homes and businesses. We appreciate the older architecture in both homes and commercial buildings and enjoy bringing life back to them. We also offer custom home and new commercial construction.”

Asked how he came to be in this line of work, James replied, “I have been around the construction industry most of my life, but never had the chance to pursue this as a full time career. After losing my job as a sales and marketing director in 2001 for a large communications company, I found myself at a crossroads.

“My wife, Brenda, encouraged me to follow my passion and start a new chapter in my life. I bought an old house, restored it to new condition, sold it and my life just changed. After that, opportunities just began coming to me and I haven’t looked back since.”

James is the sole owner of TektOn but credits his wife for much of the company’s success.

“Brenda has been an integral part of many of my projects because of her unique eye for decorating and design. We make a great team, with her vision and creativity and my skills to get it done.”

Hico is the home office for the company, however, James says that TektOn can handle projects in Hamilton, Erath, Somervell, and Hood counties.

Mike and Brenda moved to Hico in 2005.

“Brenda and I came to Hico so that she could pursue her passion and dreams to own and operate the Homestead store. This store (Homestead), previously located in Fredericksburg, had just opened a second location in Hico and my wife had to come to shop.

“Five months later, we bought the store. Homestead is a very high-end antique store specializing in French and English antiques and is well known in this industry,” James explains.

TektOn is obviously an unusual name for a company. We asked James how it’s pronounced and what does it mean?

“I wanted something that hopefully had a strong message and would be memorable. Also, I just didn’t want my company name to be ‘Mike James Construction,’" he said. “After doing some research, I came up with TektOn (pronounced “tech-tone”). The ancient Greek noun TektOn is a common term for a craftsman, in particular a carpenter or wood-worker or builder.”

In terms of projects in which the company is involved at the moment, James says, “We are currently working on restoring the Old City Water Works building in Hico. This is an amazing stone-and-brick building built in 1893, currently sitting on an acre of land on North Pecan Street. We are planning to convert this structure to a two-bedroom, two bath residential house in an industrial style.”

To contact James at TektOn, call 972-333-8861 or email him at MikeRJames51@gmail.com.