The State Fire Marshal’s Office recently released documents pertaining to home fire safety inspections. These quick tips will help keep your home safe and make you aware of dangerous habits that are unsafe.


Keep matches and lighters stored our of reach of children.

Do not over load outlets or use worn or frayed extension cords.

Keep flammable liquids or aerosols stored away from heat sources.

Use the back burners of your stove, if possible, because they are the safest.

Living room and bedrooms

Make sure extension cords do not run under rugs/carpets or are looped over nails or other sharp objects.

See that fireplaces are screened and kept clean regularly.

Keep space heaters at least three feet away from curtains, furniture and paper.

Never smoke in bed, period.

Garage, basement and storage areas

Do not keep newspaper or trash near a furnace, water heater or any heat source.

Dispose of oily, greasy rags in a safe container that is sealed.

Do not store gasoline or other flammable liquids in the house, basement or near a workbench or pilot light.

Store your lawnmower in an outdoor tool shed. If you have to store it in the garage, keep it away from the water heater.

Safety actions

Wear close-fitting sleeves while cooking.

Never use gasoline to start a fire or grill, or add lighter fluid to an already lit fire.

Never spray aerosols while smoking or near any heat source.

Never lean against a range for warmth or stand too close to a lit fireplace.

Never use a lit match, lighter or candle to illuminate a dark area like a closet.

Never plug major appliances into a power strip. Use the wall outlets.

Never keep anything permanently plugged into an extension cord.

More information from the State Fire Marshal’s Office can be found by visiting