Paige Duke, star of Ride TV’s Southern Fried Skinnyfied cooking show and author of a cookbook by the same name, and the network’s film crew are shooting four episodes for the show’s second season at Littlejohn’s Produce this week.

The show puts a healthy spin on southern cooking. Southern Fried Skinnyfied is RIDE TV’s first cooking show and the only one if its kind, where − according to information from the network, − “Paige Duke transforms hearty meals fit for a cowboy, into healthy delights that are perfect for a jockey.”

Obviously, Littlejohn’s Produce, with its healthy, largely locally-grown produce is a perfect fit.

Duke says she was working at Texas Motor Speedway as a pit reporter when she was hired for the show.

“Ride TV’s CEO Michael Fletcher and the president Craig Morris, told me about the idea for the show, I really liked the idea, we talked a bit and I was hired right on the spot,” she said.

Sean Whitley, the show's producer and a ’93 SMU film school grad, said, “This is a perfect location and situation for these episodes, and the Littlejohns [Mark and Sherri] are just great to work with.”

Duke adds, “We were looking for excellent produce and local flavor, started doing some research, found out about Littlejohn’s, and this was exactly what we wanted. We filmed the Valentine’s Day show here and wanted to come back in the summer when the fresh produce was in, and here we are.”

RIDE TV’s original programming includes reality shows, documentaries, horse competitions, talk shows, movies and other relevant equine programming suitable for the entire family.

Some notable programs include This Old Horse, a documentary showcasing the most famous horses in history, Rock Star Vets, an entertaining reality show with a famous equine surgeon, and extensive coverage of Western and English equine competitions.

With that broad variety of lifestyle content, RIDE TV appeals to both passionate horse owners and general audiences who love unique and fascinating entertainment.

Duke and the Ride TV crew will be filming at Littlejohn’s the rest of the week through Saturday with the exception of Friday, Whitley says.

By the way, you can check out Duke’s cookbook at