With more than 250 teachers and 40 presenters participating, Stephenville ISD’s iChampion Summit got teachers excited about technology in the classroom.

“It’s basically kind of a show and tell with teachers presenting a tool they use in their classroom,” Superintendent Matt Underwood said. “It’s been a real success and I can’t believe we had this many people come out for the first one.”

The iChampion Summit was broken down into sessions allowing teachers to pick and choose what topics interest them.

Some of the sessions included, ‘Canvas? Why bother.’ presented by Steven Rains; ‘Google Apps and the iPad: Best Practices,’ presented by Rich Lombardo; ‘If the Librarian Can Do It, Surely I Can,’ presented by Lynne Hamilton; ‘There’s an app for that!’ presented by Eileen Faulkenberry; ‘Curriculum Re-imagined,’ presented by Emily McLemore; ‘Collaborative Digital Projects for Beginners,’ presented by Mindy Pope; ‘Digital Portfolios for the Future-Ready School,’ presented by Bria Jones; and several others.

Brianna Hodges, director of digital learning, said the two-day event was meant to reignite a love of learning for teachers.

"We wanted teachers to be inspired by the possibilities of elevating their classroom experiences by leveraging technology," Hodges said. "Similarly, just as we believe that students learn best when they see content as engaging and authentic, we knew it was important to add elements of choice and relevancy for teachers.

And it has worked!"