This week we have two pets up for adoption from the Erath County Humane Society – brothers Toby and Todd.

They are hound mixes and according to executive director Diane McCoy, “They are very mellow dogs, great companions and would work well in an apartment or larger home.”

McCoy adds, “They are so good together, we’d like to see them adopted as a pair because they like to lay around together, inside or out. ”

They’re neutered and the white dog, Toby, has his shots as a result of an adoption that didn’t work out because the owner’s other dogs didn’t like an additional dog in the bunch.

McCoy estimates their age at three to four years old.

The Erath County Humane Society remains at full capacity, but the good news is, there were six adoptions the day before this photo was taken.

The shelter is located at 891 East Road and for more information call 254-965-3247.