You know that stuff you never seem to find time to do without a hassle? Asking the boss for a little time to run and pay the cable bill or grabbing something at the supermarket you forgot to get for tonight’s dinner?

Well, Tonya Hoffman’s Errand Runners business may be the solution. There’s a list of her services later in this article, but as Tonya explains, “Most of the things people don’t have time for, I can do. That includes grocery shopping, paying bills, mailing a package, you name it.”

She says she’s fully insured beyond the normal bond requirements for her type of service and adds, “I can even make bank deposits and deliver legal documents.”

Tonya says, “I really enjoy doing this. I worked for a large company here in town and the benefits were fabulous, but there was always the possibility of layoffs. I just made up my mind to start my own business where I would be more in control.”

She adds, “It’s a service that’s really needed. For instance, I can do house checks if you’re going on vacation, or if you have a family member you want checked on – maybe someone that’s elderly or disabled and has limited mobility − I can do that. It’s taken a lot of work to get the word out and it was really slow at first. But now I’m doing between 10 and 15 calls a day so it’s doing pretty well now.”

Here’s a specific list of Errand Runners services and rates from the website at

Grocery Shopping

• Flat rate of $10/trip plus 10% of total grocery bill.

• Senior Citizen/Veteran/Disabled Discount: Flat rate of $10, if residence is within the city limits. (Time limits applied to ride-along errand running. $10 flat rate for first location stop, $5 location stop for additional locations.)

Bill Pay Service

• One-time bill pay service − flat rate $10.

• Monthly bill pay service-Pricing negotiable based on needs.

• Contracted yearly bill pay service-Pricing negotiable based on needs (discount for contract.)

Package Pickup and Delivery

• Package/Mail Pick-Up or Delivery-Flat Rate $5. (No large boxes/packages or Hazmat Materials) We can also pick up/deliver your dry cleaning or prescriptions,

Meal Delivery Service

• Pick up/deliver your lunch, etc., starting at $5, 3 or more people on an order is $2 per person. (Charges based on per location stop.) Call or text us your order or call in your order and let us know when it will be ready.

And get this: Errand Runners can deliver alcohol and tobacco provided you can show an ID. Whoda thunk it, right?

To contact Tonya Hoffman at Errand Runners, call 254-434-3947. Hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday, closed on Sunday. Always call or test to check for availability before placing an order.