It was an end to another successful summer for the Tarleton TexAnn basketball program Wednesday as they concluded their 2016 summer camp circuit.

Wrapping up Wednesday was the program’s Fundamentals camp which ran from July 17 through Wednesday. In all, TexAnn head coach Misty Wilson says that the 2016 summer was a thorough success.

“I’d say this year was definitely a success. We had a pretty big group with the younger kids at the day camp and they had a great time,” she said. “The team camp also had it’s biggest turnout thus far and we heard great feedback from those coaches. This week we had 153 kids and the parents seem to be very pleased with what the kids got out of it.”

Throughout the summer, the TexAnns put on three separate camps, including the mentioned day and team camps along with the fundamentals camp. Wilson went into detail regarding what the focus of each camp is and just what it is that she expects each camper to walk away with when they leave.

“With the day camp, our biggest goal because of their younger age is to have fun with the ball in their hand. We want them to learn the game, but also have a fun time doing it,” she said. “The team camp is where we want the players to be in an environment that is comfortable for them. We have great facilities for the camp and we want to provide a tournament like atmosphere where there is not interruptions and the camp flows. Lastly, the fundamental camp has a wide range of age and skill in it. This is where we want to introduce the game of basketball a little bit more in depth to those in attendance.”

Joining the campers on the court are not only Wilson, but TexAnn basketball players as well. Them getting to be a part of the camp is also something that campers take away as a positive because it gives them another positive role model in their lives.

“I think just being a positive role model to these girls is important,” Wilson said. “That’s what I like to see in my players. They don’t even know how much these girls look up to them and follow them throughout the year. Camp finishes and they’re getting asked for autographs. It’s an opportunity to give the younger girls here at camp another positive role model and someone to look up to.”