Correctional officers took part in taser training outside the Erath County Jail Tuesday.

The officers got lessons in how to properly use the weapon, safety and protocol.

“This training is important,” said Chief Deputy Jason Upshaw. “It’s something we do once a year for new officers. Correctional officers do not carry guns inside the jail, no one does. They use tasers. This training is for their safety and for the safety of our inmates.” 

The training comes in the wake of a female correctional officer killed by an inmate Saturday at a men’s prison near Abilene. 

Mari Johnson, 55, was found unresponsive in the kitchen area of the French Roberson Unit.

She was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. 

An inmate, Dillon Gage Compton, 21, is accused of attacking and killing Johnson.

Upshaw said officers use the tasers to break up fights inside the jail when they occur. 

“Usually all the officer has to do is pull out the taser and the fighting stops,” he said. “No one wants to get hit with one of those. It hurts.”