For several years STAR Council has been bringing out area kids’ wild sides at its annual Bosque Safari Camp, which kicked off this week.

“We provide these camps as an alternative activity for kids who might otherwise be left inadequately supervised while parents work,” Rhyland Ramirez, prevention specialist, said. “We offer a safe, fun environment free of charge and free of alcohol and other drugs that may not be properly locked away.”

Some of the camp activities include wildlife-themed games like animal tag, crab walk soccer and shark hula hoop; crafts, making vests and safari hats; movies; fun with food, like cookie on the face; and more.

“The kiddos who attend get to socialize with other around their age, enjoy healthy snacks (some not so healthy, but kids need sugar) and good lunches,” Ramirez said. “We hope that our participants leave with new friendships, social and communication skills, awesome crafts and tired from a hard day of playing.”

The camp is not only fun for the kids who attend, but fun for the STAR Council employees who oversee the activities.

“I love these camps because I get to just have fun with kids (and I don’t have to wear typical work clothes),” Ramirez said. “I can get them riled up, fill their brains with sugar, and send them back to their parents. It’s like being an aunt or an uncle.”