We’re starting to see some yellowing in the fields and along roadsides as the temperatures keep climbing with no appreciable rain of late. Usually by this time in summer, folks in Erath County are starting to wonder when a burn ban is coming.

Erath County Volunteer Fire Rescue coordinator Chris Brooks says, “We don’t have a burn ban on now, and I’d say – assuming we don’t get any rain – we’re probably looking at August before we ask for one, if we need one then.”

The Erath County Commissioner’s Court is the governmental body that puts on and takes off burn bans at the recommendation of Brooks.

In a call to County Judge Tab Thompson’s office, a county official said that at this time, there is no burn ban item on the agenda for Monday's meeting.

According to the burn ban map at the Texas A&M Forest Service website, as of July 18, 62 Texas counties are under burn bans, including Comanche County.

Asked about what kinds of fire situations the department is responding to at the moment, Brooks replied, “Just small fires. We had one Sunday, but it wasn’t a running fire. That’s what we’re looking at right at the moment, just small ones.”

That’s obviously good news, but of course it pays to be vigilant, especially when welding or using open flame torches.