In years of an abnormally wet season like the one we are having this year, the city of Stephenville takes steps to reduce mosquitos and prevent an outbreak of mosquito viruses, according to Community Services Director Jeremy Allen.

“People have expressed concerns about mosquitos this year, so the city will do larvacide with mosquito dunks and briquettes in areas that have pooling or stagnant water," Allen said. "They’re just little donut things we place in the water that are harmless to birds, fish, wildlife and pets. This will help eliminate mosquito breeding in these highly dense areas.”

He said the city has looked at what other cities are doing and this is the most favorable route to prevent mosquitos from breeding and spreading known viruses such as the West Nile Virus and the Zika Virus.

“There are other tactics such as spraying that are known to be effective, but they’re much more costly and come with some concerns from citizens,” he said.

If citizens notice standing water in their neighborhoods they are encouraged to call and report them to Jesus Coronado, the parks superintendent, at 254-918-1239 or email