Late Friday afternoon the E-T received a statement from Stephenville City Administrator Pat Bridges stating that there will be no public hearings on closing the railroad crossings on McNeil or Belknap streets and the crossings will remain open.

“There will be no public meetings regarding the proposed closing of the railroad crossings at McNeil and Belknap. It has been very clear that the support for such action does not exist. TXDOT has been informed the city is not interested in closing either of these crossings," Bridges said. “Whether that impacts possible upgrades of the Vanderbilt and College Farm crossings is a decision to be made by TXDOT. It is our understanding that TXDOT still intends to upgrade crossings on Lockhart Road and Caporal Drive but I do not know their timetable for doing such.”

The proposed closings of the crossings received vocal opposition from Planning and Zoning Commission member Mark Wallace and City Council member Carla Trussell, among others.

A P&Z meeting that was originally scheduled for July 20 was rescheduled for August 17 to discuss the matter, but Bridges’ statement makes it clear that no action will be taken along those lines by TxDot.