Gilbert and Julie Carrillo have plans for a new, 15-space RV park on their 22-acre 4C’s Rodeo Ranch outside Stephenville, and they discussed those plans with the Erath Commissioners and Judge Tab Thompson on Monday.

Suffice it to say, their ideas were met with a warm reception.

Julie, who is undergoing therapy for cancer at the moment said, “Since I can’t work right now, we thought this would be a good way to supplement our income.”

It will also provide some much-needed RV space for people visiting the area, particularly for those in rodeo, something Gilbert knows more than a little bit about.

He and his twin brother, Adam, are well known as bull riders in the professional rodeo world. They are both PBR Ring of Honor winners and Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees.

“Water use restricts us to 15 spaces. They’re going to be bigger than usual −12 feet wide and 20 feet apart. We visited all the trailer and RV parks in the area and we think ours will be the nicest. We going to do this right,” Gilbert said at the meeting. “There will be grass between the spaces and people will be able to use the indoor and outdoor arenas."

Judge Thompson said, “The advice we give all developers is, don’t outrun yourselves by going too fast and then having to come back and redo something, so that’s the only recommendation I have right now. But it sounds like you are doing it right and this will be a nice addition to Erath County.”

There will be electrical and septic hookups for all the spaces.

“The electrical will be underground and we are just looking into the septic right now,” Gilbert said.

That requires the services if a sanitary engineer, and while county doesn’t endorse one sanitary engineer over another, it does provide a list of those available in the area.

The next step is for Gilbert and Julie to have a preliminary plat drawn up and presented to the commissioners court at the next meeting.

“Typically the preliminary plat can become the final plat if you don’t make any major changes,” Thompson said.

No projected completion date was mentioned at the meeting but Gilbert said they are already into road work on the project.