As law enforcement agencies across the country continue to mourn the five Dallas police officers who were slain last Thursday, local police are getting a boost in morale.

Just hours after news of the slayings began to spread, Hard Eight BBQ sprang into action, bringing a lunch spread of brisket, sausage and side dishes to the Stephenville Police Department. Hours later, Pizza Place brought dinner to the night shift. 

Chad Decker, owner of Hard Eight BBQ, said tragedies often serve as harsh reminders. 

“We take for granted the people who work hard to keep our families and communities safe,” Decker said. “We our fortunate to have these officers on our side, not only in this community, but in communities across our state. This was just a small gesture on our part to show our appreciation. They have our backs and we want them to know we have theirs too.”   

Throughout the weekend, the food and well wishes kept coming. 

Churches, organizations and individuals hand-delivered cards, donuts, desserts, water, Gatorade and packs of lifesavers (since police really are lifesavers) to the department.

EXIT Realty brought cakes and cookies, Cashon Air Conditioning delivered ice cream, Subway also brought cookies and CiCi’s Pizza and Chili’s have told officers to stop by to enjoy a meal. 

“When something like this happens, all law enforcement feels the loss and feels the pain,” said Stephenville Police Chief Jason King. “And it makes my officers more weary about having to go out and do their jobs, so this outpouring of support has been appreciated.”

Photos of all the special deliveries can be found on the Stephenville Police Department’s Facebook page.