About one week after Erath County District Attorney Alan Nash and attorney Warren St. John made arguments in the Eddie Ray Routh appeal, another letter by Routh has surfaced for sale online.

The E-T received the tip from Andy Kahan, a victims advocate for the city of Houston, that another ‘murderabilia’ dealer was selling a letter from Routh—killer of American Sniper Chris Kyle and friend Chad Littlefield—which can be read in full on the website, supernaught.com.

“The letter is clearly and easily readable on his site,” Kahan wrote in an email. “Considering his attorneys are claiming insanity, they might be surprised how coherent his missive is and how it appears he is being asked to produce drawings.”

The letter, dated March 29, 2016, is for sale for $75 from the unknown dealer and reads (quoted directly from letter):

“What up dude, I doing well good to hear from you this week by the way thanks for the stamps and pictures but you cant send stamps or paper to me in the mail they will never let it happen. the pictures were great Ill get to working on one for you if you can send as many cool older house’s that you can find I like to draw old House’s. if I had not got locked up probilly be working on remodelin a older house to its former glory. good luck with the job hunt I understand how hard it is to get a job. The weather has been up and down for the spring so far it should start to warm up and get hot soon. Been watching some march madness getting ready for baseball and football draft. take it easy man Later.”

The letter is signed ‘Eddie’ at the bottom.

A previous letter had been posted for sale on True Crime Auction House, but wasn’t readable through the photo uploaded.