This week’s Pet of the Week at the Erath County Humane Society is 10-year-old Spot. According to Director Diane McCoy, “He’s a surrender dog; his owner passed away.”

She says his vaccinations are current and he gets along well with other dogs. “But he’s probably best by himself or with maybe one other dog. He’s a chihuahua/terrier mix and completely house trained.”

“He’s a wonderful dog, gentle, friendly and quiet. He just goes out to do his business, then comes back in and sleeps under my desk. And he’s good on a leash; we don’t even have him in a kennel.”

Speaking of which, McCoy asked that we let readers know that they wouldn’t have a kennel for Spot even if they wanted one unless they put him in with the cats.

”We are completely maxed out; we have 96 dogs and 41 cats. Adoptions are particularly slow for summer time, so people should call before bringing an animal in.”

Her assistant Ricky Breneman adds, “If people can hold on to an animal for a couple of days, that would be of help right now until we get some adoptions.”

For more information, call 254-965-3247. They’re located at 801 East Road in Stephenville.