Area kids got a special visit from Sparky the Fire Dog and the Stephenville fire and police departments at the public library Wednesday to learn about safety.

“It’s good for us to do these kinds of events because it lets the kids see that we’re real people and get to know us on a personal level,” Sgt. Sha King with the Stephenville Police Department, said. “And we get to show them all of our equipment—they’re very interested in the tools we use—and it helps them learn more about us.”

Sparky gave out high-fives and hugs as police and fire personnel taught them about bike safety, stranger danger, stop, drop and roll and more.

“Anytime you can interact with kids is beneficial,” Gregg Schrumpf, fire inspector, said.

After their lessons in safety, the kids got up close and personal with the fire engine and police cruiser, checking out the sirens, lights and equipment.

“The Stephenville fire and police do a great job of entertaining the kids while teaching them important safety lessons and, of course, Sparky the Fire Dog is always populary,” Mary Meredith, director of the library, said. “When Sparky stops, drops and rolls, he gets lots of laughs, which is great, but he’s also showing the kids a potentially life-saving skill. It’s a lot of fun to watch the kids climb into the fire truck with their own fire helmets, and cover their ears when the sirens go off.”