Matt Harpole, president of the Erath County Humane Society, and its Executive Director Diane McCoy presented an update on the organization’s status Tuesday night to the Stephenville City Council.

Bottom line, the organization is financially OK, but packed with animals and hoping for a bigger facility in the near future.

The city and Erath County, along with donors contribute to the financial and other needs of the Humane Society, which has been in existence for approximately 40 years.

“We’re operating in the black,” Harpole said, “but we’d like to ask the city and county to work with us to get into a larger facility. We’re at full capacity out there right now. We’ve been visiting other facilities in Hood, Somervell and other counties to see what might be possible.”

McCoy added, “We have around 100 dogs and 41 cats as of today. That’s pretty much all we can handle.”

Mayor Kenny Weldon suggested, “We need to get together with you and the county and the other animal groups and see what we can do. We appreciate your efforts very much because this involves all of us, so let’s talk about getting a meeting together to address these needs.”

McCoy said the Humane Society is active on social media in an effort to let people know about intake, possible adoptions, attract volunteers, and help reunite pet owners with lost animals.

She said some people just drive up at night and toss unwanted animals over the fence, which is, of course, illegal.

Harpole said the organization is getting ready to install a video system to address the problem.

“We’ll be able to see who’s doing that soon and we think that will help deter people from doing it,” he said. 

The Erath County Humane Society is located at 801 East Road in Stephenville. They take care of homeless and temporarily lost animals including horses, goats, sheep, cattle, birds, snakes and other pets.

For more information on all their services, to report a lost or found animal, or to find out about volunteering, call 254-965-3247