With the completion of Cody Davis’ annual football camp last weekend, the goal of that camp is to raise funds that continue to update the weight room for Stephenville athletes. 

Over the last several years, those who have been in and out of the facility have certainly seen a change and the evolution is one that Stephenville head football coach Greg Winder continues go happen. 

“The weight room certainly has changed over the last several years, but not into anything out of this world,” said Winder. “We’ve got some new racks and dumbbells and we’ve changed some things around, but that’s about it. We’ve gotten some new weights and that’s about all we’ve added.” 

With constant use throughout not only the school year, but summer months by all Stephenville student-athletes, wear and tear is going to be an issue at some point. When something is replaced it’s a big deal, according to Winder. 

“You do have to stay up to-date on everything. The equipment in there isn’t going to last forever. All the kids get excited when they have something new in there. It’s not just about the football program what they need, but it’s about the girls and every other athletic program we have as well. There’s a lot of traffic that goes in and out of the weight room and keeping it up to-date is a priority,” he said. 

While keeping the equipment inside new and away from wear, safety is also a big issue. Old weights or old circuit machines can and will malfunction so replacing those before that time is something that must done and the safety of all the student-athletes is a top priority. 

“It’s extremely important, as far as safety in the weight room to have the right equipment available for use,” Winder said. “If it’s old, then it can break. It’s definitely something that is a priority to us to have safe and good equipment for all of our programs to use when the time comes.” 

As for the star in the whole renovation process, that’s easy. Former Stephenville football player Cody Davis has given fundraised money to the Blue and Gold Legacy project over the last several year from his annual football camp to continue to renovate the weight room. What he’s done is something that all of Stepenville athletics is thankful for. 

“Cody Davis has been a very vital and important part in the evolution of the weight room,” Winder said. “We appreciate everything he’s done for us and this community. He’s a special person, his entire family is for what all they do for us.” 

What’s next for the weight room, you ask? Well, Winder definitely has somewhat of a wish list. 

“We’ve got some new weights, dumbbells and auxiliary machines so now we’re pretty good in there,” he said. “What we need is some walking around room in there, some leg press machines and what not, but apart from that we’re great in the weight room. We know that we can’t just be getting stuff just to get it.”