Husband and wife duo, Shawn Bridges and Sarah Cannady, recently took a trip to Blinn College in Bryan to be a part of Space Controller and Robotic Education (SCARE) Camp which helped students learn about the industry in a hands-on environment.

The two were selected as educators for the program after applying and spent a week leading teams through simulations, robotics and competitions.

“This is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) educator’s dream come true,” Cannady said. “We had a whirlwind, amazing week, and are thrilled to be able to bring the experience home to our own students.”

Cannady and Bridges will implement this curriculum into their private school, Parnassus Academy: Classical Tutoring for the Gifted and Talented.

The two opened the academy in 2014 and have plans to expand it this year. Parnassus Academy, “Targets highly academically motivated, mature high school and junior high school students,” Cannady said.

For now the academy will be small with 12 students to allow for a more personalized education experience.

After the space camp program, Cannady and Bridges plan to offer science and exploration as an elective in their academy.

“In addition to the classroom activities, this new curriculum proves the kids some very unique project opportunities. For example, we have already begun construction on a Mars landscape simulator which students will use to test their rovers,” Cannady said. “Other planned projects for our upcoming school year include a near-space aerostatic launch, a solar cycle study and a collaboration with Texas A&M’s ESET program director, Dr. Joe Morgan, on embedded system programming and disaster robots.”

Cannady is a graduate of Stephenville High School, a Latinist trained in Cambridge University’s Latin reading method, has 20 years of tutoring experience and teaches Latin and a variety of STEM subjects at Faith School.

Bridges is a history and literature teacher at several co-ops including Faith School and TEACH and KLA in Cleburne.

The two are accepting applications for Parnassus Academy through mid August and plan to host an open house in July.