One of the most anticipated camps of the summer took place Saturday as former Stephenville football player and current Los Angeles Ram Cody Davis held his third annual Student of the Game football camp at Stephenville High School. 

After the camp, which featured well over 100 participants, Davis took a moment to reflect on yet another successful year. 

“It’s a little bit of exhaustion and relief, but it’s always a whole lot of fun out here,” said Davis. “We’ve increased numbers every year. It’s almost getting to the point where it’s a good problem. It was just a fun time, we keep getting better each year out here with the stuff we add, we had trophies this year. We’re just really trying to instill the competitive nature in these kids.” 

One unique characteristic of Davis’ camp is that he brings back the coaches he grew up with while at Stephenville High School among other individuals who have excelled in the sport of football. Davis says that it’s important to show the younger generation that it doesn’t take any kind of special training to be successful.

“My big message to these kids is that it doesn’t take anything special,” he said. “There’s a lot of hype out there that you need to have certain trainers or a certain skill set to get where you want to get. I worked with the same coaches the kids worked with today. It’s a lot of hard work and attitude, but hat’s what it takes to get where you want to get.” 

Another first for this year was Davis teaming up with the Cross Timbers Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Every camper in attendance was given a bible, something that Davis really pushed for. 

“It’s an honor and kind of a humbling experience to bring this full part of my life full circle within the camp,” Davis said. “I’ve been involved with FCA over the years and have gotten more and more involved each year through high school, college and the NFL. Faith is definitely something that I have, it’s not always a top priority, but you should bring it into everything in your life and football is one of those things. I strive to be a man of faith and a great football players.” 

Looking ahead, Davis will continue to work with the Cross Timbers FCA and will take part in a bible study series that is coming soon.