Stephenville ISD is not short when it comes to substitute teachers for the district, in fact, SISD currently has 143 active subs and superintendent Matt Underwood sat down to discuss the requirements and process of becoming a substitute at the district.

“It’s much more rigorous here. We do require a minimum of 48 college hours and that has to be verified with a college transcript,” Underwood said. “We have orientation and then you have to pay for your fingerprinting and that’s a pretty comprehensive process. Once we receive the fingerprinting results, then we upload the applicants to our Aesop system.”

Aesop is a website used for placing substitute teachers and managing absences for a district.

“Basically it’s a substitute bank that teachers can go in and request their absence, the principals approve it and then (teachers) can also have something to do with their choices as far as who they get as a sub,” Underwood said. “When they actually get a call to come sub, then they contact our HR department and we put them in and process the paperwork so they can get paid.”

Each substitute will get a login for a district computer, a badge with a photo and then training is provided at an orientation.

As for long-term substitutes, Underwood said they try to recruit those and get someone with certifications or someone who is a retired teacher who understands the ropes.

“It’s a good process. Kathy Haynes talks to them a little bit about what to do, what not to do and how to dress and just some of that stuff,” Underwood said. “But we’ve got some outstanding subs in the district and we’re so lucky with Tarleton here. We’ve had very little problems with subs and sometimes that’s an issue at other districts.”

Anyone interested in starting the application process can find out more by visiting the Human Resource/Benefits page of the district’s website at