The Stephenville City Council heard presentations Tuesday regarding citizen budget requests from Mark Wallace and members of the board of directors of the annual Sundown on the Square event.

Each year during the budget planning period that runs through September, citizens are invited to submit requests for funding for items they feel are of importance to the city.

Wallace, who serves on the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission, said, “I have had the pleasure of living on North Dale Avenue for the past 13 years. In that time, my neighbors and I have noted the increase in traffic and the complete disregard for the posted speed limits.

“Most months of the year, families can be seen walking with their children and attempting to cross Dale Avenue at Bluebonnet. This can be quite dangerous with many people traveling well over the speed limit of 30 mph. This is why I am requesting funding for the addition of ‘speed bumps’ aka ‘traffic calming devices.’"

Wallace thanked Police Chief Jason King and the department for placing electronic “Your Speed Is” monitors on N. Dale Ave. to alert drivers about the speed limit and their own rates of speed.

The other request from the Sundown on the Square Committee was in support of improvements at the Stephenville Historical House Museum.

The committee is donating all proceeds from Oct. 8 event to the museum to assist in their efforts for the renovation Shapard Street and the construction of an asphalt parking lot between the Oxford House and the Bosque River Trail’s East Washington Street trailhead.

Following their presentations, Mayor Kenny Weldon thanked the citizens and said, “No vote will be taken on your requests tonight, but we will factor them into our budgeting process as we go along.”