If you’ve ever been through the pain of trying to get on Washington Street from St. Felix Street between Harbin and Lillian − especially on football and baseball game days − there’s good news.

The city of Stephenville and the Texas Department of Transportation are in the process of negotiating a deal to install a new traffic signal at that intersection, making it a lot easier to get on and off Washington.

In case you can’t quite place it, St. Felix is the street that on one end intersects with Sloan near Memorial Stadium. 

According to the city, “The project will include mast arms, signal poles, pedestrian poles, radar detection system, signal controller, pedestrian signals, electrical service, signs, crosswalks and pavement markings.”

In a letter to Nick Williams, director of public works, Brian Barth, an engineer with TxDot, asked the city to send a check payable to TxDOT for $119,687 for work on the project.

Many people don’t know it, but even though Washington [Bus 377] runs through the heart of Stephenville, it’s a TxDot street, not a city street, so TxDot must do the work on the new traffic light.