One responsibility often jointly fulfilled between The American Legion and Boy Scout troops in communities across the country is the proper and respectful disposal of worn-out flags.

Flag owners are encouraged to deliver their tattered banners to American Legion posts between now and June 14, Flag Day, and in many cases they are collected by Scouts, American Legion Auxiliary members and other veterans organizations.

In Stephenville, Turnbow-Higgs Post 240 has placed a collection box at the East entrance of Wal-Mart. Flags can also be secured in a plastic bag and placed at the entrance door of Post Hall at 801 East Washington. Post 240 will collect and burn over 1000 flags a year.

Post 240’s Traditional Proper Flag disposal ceremony is scheduled for Flag Day, Tuesday June 14, at 6 p.m at the Post Hall.

Auxiliary Unit 240 will serve a light meal during an open house following the ceremony. The public is invited.