The Dublin Volunteer Fire Department was recently awarded a $15,000 grant used to purchase new rescue and safety equipment from the Texas A&M Forest Service’s Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program.

“This equipment is new to our department. We received a variety of rescue equipment but we also received safety gear to help with traffic control when on an incident,” Paul Warner, Dublin VFD chief, said. “Safety of our department members is very important. We want everyone to go home after being called to an emergency.”

The department also used grant money to purchase a portable foam system that can be used for a variety of fires where fuel suppression is needed. The foam coats the fuel and cools the fire to keep it from making contact with oxygen.

Something else added to the VFD’s equipment was a thermal imaging camera, which will allow the fire fighters to see areas of heat in a low visibility environment, like smoke or darkness.

“We will use it to locate hot spots in structure fires, railroad tanker cars or trucks, or to find bad breakers in a breaker box,” Warner said.

The camera is also helpful in other situations, such as car wrecks or missing person searches.

“This program (the Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program) provides funding to rural VFDs for the acquisition of firefighting vehicles, fire and rescue equipment, protective clothing, dry-hydrants, computer systems and firefighter training,” a release from the Texas A&M Forest Service states.