A woman charged in a deadly hit-and-run in Dublin in 2014 is heading to prison. 

Kayli Ann Bledsoe, 33, pleaded guilty Monday to leaving the scene of an accident and DWI with a child passenger. In exchange for her guilty plea, Bledsoe was sentenced to 12 years in a state penitentiary and 18 months in jail. 

“This was a complicated case,” District Attorney Alan Nash said, stating that the victim, Hollye Williams Redwine, 52, of San Angelo, was struck by Bledsoe’s car while she was standing in the middle of Patrick Street in Dublin. 

“There were numerous witnesses who reported seeing the victim standing in the middle of the road,” Nash said. “Ms. Bledsoe was charged with leaving the scene of an accident because she knew she struck a person. She got out of the vehicle, then drove off.” 

After fleeing the scene, Bledsoe reportedly drove through Stephenville where she ran several cars off the road before she was stopped in Bluff Dale by DPS.

Bledsoe was traveling with a child in the car when she was taken into custody.

She has been held at the Erath County Jail on a combined bond of $101,000. 

Bledsoe has a lengthy criminal history which includes forgery, credit and debit card abuse, drug possession, public intoxication and driving while intoxicated.