The Stephenville ISD board of trustees will meet this evening to discuss several agenda items including the distribution of iPads at Gilbert Intermediate and the district’s iChampion Summit.

Shelby Womack, executive director of technology and digital learning, will address the board in the total cost of the iPads along with accessories in implementing the iChampion 1:1 initiative.

The district will consider purchasing 690 of the iPad Air 2 at a discounted price of $464; a total of $320,160. The iPads will have wifi capability with 64GB of storage space adding another $24,150.

The devices will also get the Casper Suite for iOS software, iPad management (4 years), cases and 30 carts which will store and charge the iPads. With the district receiving discounts, the grand total will come out to be $402,719. The board will consider approving the purchase after the breakdown of costs.

The SISD board will also discuss being selected for the Google Apps for Education’s iChampion Summit, which will take place July 26-27.

“We have been chosen as one of a handful of locations in all of Texas to offer hands-on professional development highlighting Google Apps for Education with an emphasis on Apple iOS/OSX integration as well as best practices for effectively incorporating makerspaces and technology into the curriculum,” Brianna Hodges, digital learning integration specialist, wrote in a statement to the district. “Adding to our iChampion team are Google Certified Trainers and innovators, Apple Distinguished Educators, Makerspace Mavens and MagicMakers—this is big guys!”

The summit will be open to all educators across the state and those interested will need to register.

Other agenda items will include a PK grant, a review of the district student surveys, construction savings and many student organization and sport recognitions.