Not only has Rett Douglas done well as a freshman trombone player in the Yellow Jacket marching band, he also made the Jazz Band and plans to try out as section leader for his sophomore year at Stephenville High School.

Douglas picked up the trombone four years ago and said he would be lost without it.

“I love it, it’s so much fun. I would not survive without band,” he said.

As far as the transition from junior high into high school, Douglas said the upperclassmen made it easy for him.

“It was a very warm welcome. I definitely feel I improved with all the help from the juniors and seniors,” he said. “I learned a lot of different stuff. It was hard going from always sitting down and playing to walking and playing, but I got use to it after a while with all the help I got from upperclassmen.”

Through competitions, Douglas said though there’s always room for improvement, he feels good about himself this season and has set some goals for next year.

“I want to be a better leader, I know I can improve on that,” he said. “And just play with confidence and strive to be the best I can be.”

Before starting his freshman year Douglas tried out for the Jazz Band and made it.

“I love jazz band. I love band in general but jazz just gives you that extra beat and makes you feel happy,” he said. “There’s just a warmer feeling in there and I know I can talk to those guys. It’s still that family relationship between each band, but I love jazz band a lot.”

Douglas plans to try out for section leader next year.

“I’ve always asked myself, ‘What can I do to improve my leadership skills?’ and I’ve answered, ‘Always think about the positive side of things, no negativity, and be the best you can be,’” he said.

Douglas loves the way he can express himself through music and isn’t quite sure if he would make a career with it, but isn’t opposed to the idea.

“When I first started (band) I never thought it would take me this far, but if it’s what I’m destined to do then it’s what I’m destined to do,” he said.