At the Beans and Franks five-year celebration Friday, Jeremy Jennings won $100 in the hot dog eating contest by scarfing down six in 12 minutes.

The contestants started out at a slow, steady pace but picked things up as the time wound down.

Before the contest Jennings said he’s never done anything like this before but could probably get down 10-20 hot dogs; something that proved to be more difficult than he thought. When asked how he prepared, he said, “Well I didn’t eat anything this morning, so that’s about it.”

After the win, Jennings said he was ready for a nap.

Coming in second was Beans and Franks employee Wesley Fuller eating five hot dogs and third place went to Tarleton State University student Corbin Thomas who ate four.

Thomas had no plans of entering the contest, but was talked into it.

“My friend works up here and she asked if I wanted to do it. I said ‘no,’ but she talked me into it,” Thomas said.

“I don’t really have a strategy, I’m just kind of going for it,” Thomas said before the eating commenced.

There was a good turnout for the business' five-year anniversary with a crowd cheering on the hot dog eating contestants and some live tunes playing in the background while people enjoyed some coffee inside.

“I’m just really excited knowing we’ve made it this far,” Jodi Weyers, owner of Beans and Franks, said. “I remember when we first opened people were saying it takes between one and five years to get established and that sounded so far away. But business has been great.”

During the week of giveaways, Weyers said they gave out a custom Beans and Franks Yeti, $25 gift card, gift basket filled with coffee and a T-shirt.