That question has been on the minds of local shoppers who covet the large, new HEB in Granbury that sells everything from sushi and seafood to homemade tortillas, exotic cheeses and an expansive wine selection. 

The short (and unfortunate) answer to whether Stephenville will ever get a similar grocery store is, well, who knows? 

City Administrator Pat Bridges said Tuesday that he and Mayor Kenny Weldon met with HEB officials earlier this year about the possibility of a new store. 

“During our discussions they told us they were looking at different sites to build a new store,” Bridges said. “I’m excited they are giving us consideration, but we haven’t heard from anyone since that meeting.”

A call to the HEB corporate office on Wednesday for more information was not returned, but they did email a brief statement. 

“HEB has a desire to reinvest in our shopping experience in Stephenville to thank our loyal customers, but we do not have final plans to release at this time,” said Tamra Jones, public relations manager.   

Bridges said the meeting wth HEB officials was strictly for information gathering. 

“They are trying to make the best decision they can make,” Bridges said.

HEB has not made any requests for building permits.