The Stephenville High School Robotics team has had an exciting semester of competitions and is now waiting to see if they’ve been selected for a spot in the FIRST World Championships in St. Louis the end of this month and the UIL Robotics State Championship contest.

The season kicked off with the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) game called Stronghold.

“Created in collaboration with Disney, this year’s game had a medieval castle theme that required the robots to cross multiple obstacles (castle defenses) and take down the enemy castle wall with foam ‘boulders’ in the 3-on-3 matches,” Mays wrote in an email.

Mays’ students began creating a strategy for the competition and then built their robot in just over six weeks. The teams first contest was at the Dallas FRC Regional where they advanced to the quarterfinals.

“As often happens in the first competition, we had a host of problems—breaking gears, loose electrical connections, broken parts and mechanisms that did not work quite the way we intended,” Mays wrote. “Even with those problems, we managed to be selected to advance to the quarterfinals for the third straight regional event.”

After correcting issues with their robot, the team attended the Hub City Regional on the Texas Tech campus in Lubbock receiving sixth place.

“That still automatically qualified us to advance to the quarterfinals and, for the first time in the program’s history, earn the highly-coveted alliance captain position,” Mays wrote. “This allowed us to select which two teams we wanted to advance with us into the elimination rounds.”

In the first match SHS Robotics faced the number four team beating them and advancing to the semifinals match for the first time.

The competition ultimately came down to a tiebreaker between SHS and a team from Missouri.

“The final official score posted was a 108-105 loss, ending our phenomenal run,” May wrote. “While there was definitely some disappointment, our students and mentors were ecstatic at the show we had just put on, including giving an undefeated world-ranked team their first loss of the season.”

Now the team is waiting to hear about the world championship competition and the UIL Robotics State Championship contest.

“We are working as if we will get that invitation. I am very proud of our students for their planning, hard work and decision-making,” Mays wrote.