Meals on Wheels of Erath County is joining forces with Honor Veterans Now (HVN) to start a new home-delieverd meal program to local home-bound veterans, regardless of age.

“We, as an organization, have always tried to do what we can for local vets,” Whitney Lee, MOWEC executive director, said. “But the younger folks can sometimes fall through the cracks because of the way federal funding is set up. I’m excited to be working with HVN.”

HVN works to eliminates hunger in military veterans’ lives while preserving their privacy, dignity and pride. The organization steps in to provide meals to needy veterans on a temporary or on-going basis.

“I’m really excited about it. I served in the Army many years ago myself, so this population is near and dear to my heart and I’m glad to be able to reach a group that was maybe unserved otherwise,” Lee said.

The goal is to provide nutritious meals to qualified vets under the age of 60 who honorably served our country, for as long as they need.

“We were contacted by the Honor Veterans Now organization to see if we were interested,” Lee said. “They will just need to call us to sign up, they don’t necessarily have to go through veterans affairs or anything. They just let us know that they’re interested in this and we’ll get them signed up from there.”

For more information about MOWEC and the HVN program call 254-965-3510 or visit