The Morgan Mill ISD board of trustees named an interim superintendent and assistant principal at Monday’s meeting.

Wendy Sanders, seventh grade teacher, was selected as the interim superintendent from July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017.

“We are happy and thrilled to have Wendy here because this is a big transition for us,” Dr. Shannon Buchanan, board president, said. “Most of us board members haven’t had to make this change, so it’s tough.”

It was announced last month that current superintendent Dean Edwards would be retiring after serving 31 years at Morgan Mill ISD. Along with Edwards retirement, long-time principal, Shirley Couch, also turned in a letter of resignation after 41 years at the school district.

Barrett Hutchinson, athletics coach, was named the interim assistant principal/athletic director.

“They are just tremendous assets to our school and the kids love them and know them,” Buchanan said. “When Dean came and told us he was retiring, they were recommended by him; he’s worked with Wendy and coach (Hutchinson).”

The Morgan Mill board is still going through the process of opening up the positions for application starting in December of this year. 

“We do need to open it up because it is a position. We’ve had a rough couple of weeks, but it’s getting better,” Buchanan said. “At some point things have to change, so as a board we’re trying to transition well and make the right decisions.”

Edwards, Couch and administrative assistant Linda Landis will continue their positions at the school until June 30.

“The kids are comfortable with these two and they’re going to do great,” Buchanan said. “This was a way for us to think about opening the positions up properly and Wendy is already doing an amazing job.”

Edwards told the E-T in an early interview that he will deeply miss the students and friends he works with.

“I’ve been eligible for retirement for about three years now,” he said. “I have lots of friends who have retired and they have always said I would know when it’s time. Well, it’s time.”

Sanders said she has been shadowing Edwards for a few years in the event that he left, she could help take on some of the aspects of his position.

“I’m very excited, but we’re not eager to change a lot of things because we have a good thing going here,” she said. “So I’m eager to fill these very large shoes. I’ve been doing many aspects of the job for a few years, so it’s just picking up where he leaves off and trying not to stir up the waters along the way.”