The Dublin City Council met in regular session on Monday night and acted on several important agenda items including cancelling the May 7 election, accepting the resignation of councilman David Zinck and appointing his replacement.

City Manager Nancy Wooldridge said, “All city council members and Mayor David Leatherwood who were up for re-election were running unopposed so there was no need to spend the funds for an election with the outcome already known.”

Councilman Zinck’s resignation meant that the sitting council was empowered to appoint a replacement to fill out his remaining term in Ward 3. Sara McCann and Zach Curry addressed the meeting and offered to fill Zinck’s vacancy and after hearing their presentations, the city council appointed McCann to represent Ward 3.

Also discussed was the future of the Dublin City Hall facility that was heavily damaged by hail, winds and flooding in last year’s spring storms, then further damaged by weather this spring.

About that discussion, Wooldridge said, “We asked Cavalry Construction to consult with an engineer to see if it is feasible to stay in the building and replace the present, damaged roof with a truss roof at City Hall. They have not been awarded the contract; we will await that information before taking any further action.”