Larry Joe Taylor never imagined what his Texas Music Festival would turn into 28 years after it began.

With only 100 people attending the first festival in Mingus back in 1989, this year’s five-day event is expecting more than 50,000 music lovers from across the state.

“It’s changed a little over the years,” Larry Joe says with a laugh.


After taking place in Thurber, Possum Kingdom, Glen Rose and Meridian over the years, the festival has settled at Melody Mountain Ranch where it’s been taking place since 2003.

Today, the festival has turned into a family affair with Larry Joe’s wife Sherry, son Zack, and daughter-in-law Martha involved in just about everything associated with planning the festival, which takes about 10 months out of the year. 

Martha is responsible for public relations, ordering merchandise and running T-birds Garage Pub.

Sherry takes care of the administrative side of the business and is responsible for hiring the 200 people it takes for the festival to run smoothly. 

“We hire stage hands and people to help with ticketing, parking and selling merchandise,” Martha said. “The reason we have such a great staff is because everyone who works for us is interviewed personally.”  

Zack, along with being the drummer for his father’s band, also works on the public relations side of things and is responsible for designing the layout of the festival and engineering the stage.

“He’s the mastermind behind everything,” Martha said.

And it is Zack and Larry Joe who are responsible for choosing the lineup each year. 

With the festival just days away, the Taylor family is working in high gear.

“Most of our family gatherings these days are spent talking about the festival,” Martha said. “But that’s ok, it’s what we all love.” 

The festival will be held April 18-23

Tickets to the event are still available, but five-day passes are limited. Campsites are also available. You can get both by visiting or by calling 254-968-8505.