The city of Stephenville has entered into a contract with GHS, Ltd. to provide electronic citation filing services to the city’s police department. This automates the forwarding of all traffic citations to the Municipal Court, which, up to now has been done manually.

Police Chief Jason King explained that the contract will allow GHS, Ltd. to interface with the Stephenville Police Department C.R.I.M.E.S. software to retrieve citation data as entered into the system, convert the data into the format utilized by the software used at the Municipal Court, and allow for the electronic transmittal of the data from the police department to the Municipal Court.

“Currently citations issued by the department are retrieved by an employee of the court and then manually entered into the system utilized by the municipal court,” King said. 

The obvious advantages are modernization and streamlining of the process, as well as the creation of a “paperless” system. The cost for the services provided by GHS, Ltd. will be $2 per citation that is uploaded to the municipal court and that will be paid from the city’s court technology fund.

Currently, the court collects $4 from every citation issued with the exception of parking violations, and those funds are placed in the court technology fund as allowed by state of Texas statutes.