Seth Barberee is a busy senior at Stephenville High School involved in band, UIL, Boy Scouts and Taekwondo. He also tinkers with computers in his spare time, which is what he aspires to do as a career.

“I would like to work as a computer hardware engineer,” he said. “Like dissect computers, fix them or even design new parts for them.”

He will attend Texas A&M University where he plans to be heavily involved in different organizations.

“That’s what makes college fun. You have to be involved, it gives you the other half of your college experience; it’s not all about studying,” he said. “I’ve looked around, definitely looking at intermurals to keep myself physically healthy and then hopefully some academic clubs. Kind of follow the Boy Scout Law, ‘Physically strong, mentally awake and morally strong.’”

Outside of school Barberee is very active in karate, specifically Taekwondo.

“I’m a black belt first degree and hopefully I’ll test for second degree before I head off to A&M and keep studying it while I’m there,” he said. “At first my mom put me in there just because she thought that I wouldn’t survive soccer—I like soccer, but I just wasn’t physically strong enough—so she put me in karate and I ended up liking that. Everyone in my family has one sport that they’re really good at and it just became my sport that I was really good at; I had really good skills for it.”

Though Barberee is looking toward his future and gearing up for college, he still has the UIL regional competition to look forward to April 21-23 in Lubbock. His ultimate goal being to place in the state competition.

Once Barberee graduates and goes off on his next venture, he said he will miss the small town feel that Stephenville has to offer.

“Just the fact that everyone knows everyone,” he said. “You have a sense of home in a tinier town versus a big town where you’re always meeting new people.”